Low-cost, deliberate promotion

What is
Transportation Truck AD?

A new advertising medium that uses the vehicle of an ARATO carrying cargo as advertising space to achieve a high advertising effect at a low cost.

  • 1) Takuya Akikawa Laboratory, Nihon University College of Commerce Utilization of transportation trucks as an advertising medium and analysis of their advertising effectiveness 2017
  • 2) Our demonstration experiment


Why choose DriveAD

AD effect

Research results suggest high promotional effectiveness of Transportation Truck AD.

Impressions: 12 estimated number of recognized persons per 1 km traveled.
Frequencies: 19% of the ads reached 19% of the respondents at least 3 times per person.
Behavioral triggers: 42% of the ads were searched for on the Internet (figures vary depending on the content of the ads).

In our demonstration experiment, we estimated 2,249 impressions per day of driving on an actual route (Fukuoka City), with a CPM of 1,465 yen.


Why choose DriveAD


We carry out the installation of advertisements on truck beds at our dedicated in-house factory. This allows us to minimize our customers’ costs while allowing them to design highly flexible designs using the latest digital printing equipment.

We also offer a low-budget option that allows you to change the content of your advertisement at a reasonable cost.


Why choose DriveAD


It is possible to appeal to a variety of targets, from mass promotions in densely populated areas to specific segments.

Commuting to work and school

car user

Transportation and warehousing industry

old people

-Non-Internet users

Fukuoka area

Long Distance Area

Fukuoka-Kanto area


Why choose DriveAD


You can choose the most effective and leanest plan that fits your company’s target audience, budget, and product characteristics.

  • #First, low cost
  • #Fukuoka concentration

Fukuoka area


  • Including design bring-in and construction costs

The Fukuoka area will be mainly in the urban and port areas of Fukuoka City, and will run west to Kitakyushu City, east to Karatsu City, and south to Tosu City. Each vehicle will travel different routes on different days.

  • #obsessed with the number of reach
  • #want to promote in a wide range of areas

Long-distance area


  • Includes design and construction costs

The long distance area will mainly run from Fukuoka to Kanto. The outbound route is from Moji, Fukuoka Prefecture to Osaka City by ferry on the Seto Inland Sea, and from Osaka City overland to the Tokyo metropolitan area via Nagoya City. The return trip is entirely overland, traveling from the Tokyo metropolitan area to Fukuoka City.

  • #Anyway, be flashy!

10t large Truck AD

This type of truck is mainly used in long-distance areas. The total advertisement area is 44.7 square meters on both sides and rear of the truck bed, making a huge impact!

  • #Want to reduce initial cost

3t medium Truck AD

This type of vehicle is mainly used in the Fukuoka area. Total advertised area is 23.0 m2 in total on both sides and rear of the cargo bed, but it is easy to drive in densely populated areas due to its small footprint

Flow of Use

We can start operation within one month after your consultation.


The following is a summary of the inquiries we receive from our customers.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us.

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Do you bring in your own ad design? Is it possible to ask you to start from the design creation?

Both are possible. If you ask us to create the design, we will charge you a separate production fee.

Is it possible to specify the time and route of the trip?

Since we use vehicles engaged in transportation business as advertising space, we are afraid that we cannot specify the running time or route separately.

Is it possible to change the design during the contract period?

Yes, up to once free of charge for 12-month plans, but in other cases we charge a separate production fee.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us.

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Customer’s Voice

Construction ShiomiGumi,Inc.

We placed an ad in the target area (suburbs of Fukuoka City) in the hopes of increasing awareness of the company and thereby attracting new customers and recruiting new employees. From the very beginning of the advertisement, we received a very positive response from customers and other companies in the same industry, saying, “We saw your truck ad. We have also had candidates talk about the truck ads during hiring interviews, and we have seen the positive effects of the ads.

We believe that because it is an advertising medium that our competitors do not use, we were able to differentiate ourselves and it was very meaningful.