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Truck Advertising Business


DriveAD provides easy-to-use truck advertising to all businesses seeking to increase awareness of their products and services.
Through this, we empower the trucking industry and help maintain and build a sustainable logistics network.


Low-cost, deliberate promotion

Transportation Truck AD

Low-cost, deliberate promotion “Transportation Truck AD”. A new advertising media that achieves high advertising effect at low cost by using the Arato trucks that carry cargo as advertising space.


Vehicles dedicated
to short-term,
intensive advertising

AD trucks

AD truck is a truck that only advertises in a dedicated vehicle. It can be freely set up for any route while emitting sound and light. Effective advertising is possible!


Effective AD use of own trucks

Owned truck PR

We print your advertisement on the box of your company’s trucks at a reasonable price. You can advertise effectively while carrying out your daily operations.




Arato Inc. was founded in 1958 by Haruo Sugi, the founder, as “Arato Transport Store” and started its business by long-distance transportation of fresh fish and fruits and vegetables from Kyushu to Tokyo on a gravel road.

Currently, we are engaged in the transportation and delivery of frozen, chilled, and dried foods from Kyushu to Kanto and in the Kyushu area, as well as in the outdoor advertising business.

We would like to repay the kindness of the local community that has warmly nurtured us over the past 60 years since our establishment. We will respond flexibly to the new era with our corporate mission of “creating a prosperous community for the future of our children”